Top 5 LGBT Honeymoon Destinations.

Your wedding is more than just a singular moment in your life book. It’s the mark of such a grand occasion of love, happiness and the entwining of two hearts. Its festive, joyous and makes you feel like you’re riding a cloud. That moment doesn’t end at the stroke of midnight, the journey continues. It continues with relaxation; excitement and the adventure love will take you on- your honeymoon. First; where to?

Do you travel to Paris the city of Love or perhaps riding the gondolas of the venetian canals are suited to the newlyweds’ style? The possibilities are endless, and our exciting world offers some beautiful destinations and warm hospitality to the LGBTQI community.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Puerto Vallarta is known as the LGBT beach capital of Mexico. A destination where the LGBT community and its welcoming nature runs deep through its veins. ‘Old Town’ commonly referred to as the ‘Romantic Zone’ is home to an abundant of LGBT owned and operated businesses. The popular beach of Los Muertos houses the most spectacular beach clubs on the whitest of sand. The infamous ‘Blue Chairs’ beach club is the original gay beach club in Puerto Vallarta, popular with the LGBT community.
Combine all that Puerto Vallarta has to offer from its spectacular surroundings to its exciting activities with a relaxing stay at some of its all-inclusive gay resorts, will make for a real enjoyable honeymoon.

New Zealand.

Don’t be mistaken, the North and South Island of New Zealand is absolutely beautiful, but it’s the South Island that captured my heart.
Stay in a PurePod, a cabin with glass walls, discreet and private to not disturb the romance, the Milky Way bands full of the twinkling stars above your heads. Explore the Marlborough Sounds and spot the abundance of wildlife or explore the intertwining rivers around the mountainous scenery. The South Island is the perfect climate for wine growers, highly recommended to stop into any of the famous vineyards for a glass of a Sauvignon Blanc, a popular and well known grape New Zealand produces and for our adrenaline seeking couples, everything from Bungee Jumping and Jet Boating is right at the door step of Queenstown.


Where does your mind go with Greece? Well, let it take you everywhere.

Explore the ancient ruins of the Acropolis in Athens, walk along the white pebble beach of Myrtos on the island of Kefalonia, take a step back in history to the birth place of the Olympic Games and their original sites at Olympia, where you will also find the Temple of Zeus or swim in the waters of Navagio Beach on the island of Zakynthos where the white sandy beaches also hold captive some ancient shipwrecks.
Greece is also famous for their picturesque postcard settings, just like Santorini. The famous landscape of Santorini has been shaped by a volcanic eruption in the 16th century and from that the famous white cubic houses and hotels were built. The beauty of the crystal blue Aegean Sea beckons your attention and cannot be ignored as your toast a glass of champagne from your balcony.
Greece is truly a special place to share with your special loved one.


Aloha, love birds. Welcome to Hawaii, a place of spectacular scenery, erupting volcanoes, traditional luaus and frangipani leis.
Hawaii is made up of numerous islands, and each different island hosts a different experience.
For our adrenaline and exploring couples let the Big Island be home for your honeymoon. Explore the bountiful landscape, waterfalls and volcanoes or scuba dive and snorkel its blue waters or trek through the Volcanic National Parks.

Oahu is where the nightlife and social atmosphere is at. Honolulu offers a vibrant and inviting experience for any newlywed couple. Eat, Drink, Luau and Dance at its bars and restaurants or explore its rainforests and beaches.

Kauai is the best for our honeymooners who want to be all about each other, relaxing on the beach and just in love. Its beautiful beaches offer that peaceful moment of relaxation, calm, lapping waters. Stroll the beaches hand in hand, leaving a journey of footprints in the sand or wonder in an experience of a helicopter ride as you hover over the mouth of an active volcano.

After a Hawaiian honeymoon you will be sure to be sun kissed, love kissed and ready for the journey of marriage.


Canada is a place full of surprises. A Hop, Skip and Jump away from the bright lights of New York City, across the famous and empowering Niagara Falls. Sled the snow of Yukon, and lay in a sheer tent with the euphoric Northern Lights dancing in the night sky.  Explore the glacial mountains, picturesque settings and pine covered forests. Take in the LGBT nightlife of Vancouver and Calgary, where the legalisation of same sex marriage has been welcomed for 16 years. Take in a taste of sophisticated Montreal, charming Quebec City or the big city of Toronto or really find the company of each-other in the romantic wilds of Banff or Lake Louise.

These five spectacular destinations are sure to be a romantic and love fuelled honeymoon. The agents at Barrow & Bear have a real understanding of love and acceptance, and what would give us great enjoyment is knowing you have truly had the honeymoon of your dreams. Saying ‘I Do’ is just the beginning, you have a whole life of love, memories and happiness ahead of you, but start it on the best foot with the greatest honeymoon both your heart’s desire.