Why Contiki Tours in Europe Are a Must For 18-35 Years Old

Europe, a continent steeped in history, culture, and breathtaking landscapes, is a dream destination for many. For those aged 18-35, Contiki Tours offers a unique and exhilarating way to explore the wonders of Europe. With a focus on adventure, fun, and building lifelong friendships, Contiki Tours have become synonymous with youthful exploration. In this blog, we’ll uncover why Contiki Tours in Europe are an absolute must for young adults looking to make the most of their travel experiences during this exciting phase of life.

  • Tailored Experiences for Young Adults: Contiki Tours are exclusively designed for young adults, creating an instant connection with like-minded travelers who share your enthusiasm for adventure, cultural immersion, and making memories.
  • Explore Iconic Destinations: Contiki offers a range of European itineraries that take you to iconic cities like Paris, Rome, Barcelona, and Amsterdam. You’ll have the opportunity to check off those dream destinations while gaining an insider’s perspective on each locale.
  • Expert Tour Guides: Contiki’s tour guides are seasoned experts in all things Europe. They’re there to ensure you don’t miss out on any must-see sights, hidden gems, or local experiences, making your journey both enriching and hassle-free.
  • Diverse Travel Styles: Contiki understands that every traveler is unique. That’s why they offer a variety of tour styles, from cultural explorations to adrenaline-pumping adventures, allowing you to choose the trip that aligns with your travel preferences.
  • Exclusive and Local Experiences: Contiki Tours often include exclusive experiences you won’t find anywhere else. Imagine wine tastings in Tuscany, cycling tours in Amsterdam, or private visits to world-famous landmarks. These moments set Contiki apart.
  • Social and Nightlife Scene: Contiki is renowned for its lively social scene. You’ll have ample opportunities to explore Europe’s nightlife, whether it’s dancing at a Barcelona beach club, sipping cocktails in Ibiza, or enjoying a traditional Bavarian beer hall in Munich.
  • Budget-Friendly Adventures: Contiki Tours are designed to cater to budget-conscious young travelers. With accommodations, transportation, and many meals included in the tour price, you can maximize your European adventure without worrying about expenses.
  • Cultural Immersion: Contiki Tours go beyond the surface of tourist attractions. You’ll have the chance to interact with locals, taste authentic cuisine, and fully immerse yourself in the culture of each destination.
  • Safety and Convenience: Traveling with Contiki means you have a safety net. You can explore with confidence, knowing that your accommodations, transportation, and activities are all well-organized, leaving you free to soak up the adventure.
  • Lifelong Memories: Perhaps the most compelling reason of all – Contiki Tours create memories that last a lifetime. The friendships you form, the places you visit, and the experiences you share will become cherished stories you’ll recount for years to come.

For young adults seeking to make the most of their European adventures, Contiki Tours are an absolute must. These tours offer a unique blend of exploration, social interaction, and unforgettable experiences, all tailored to the interests and energy of 18 to 35-year-olds. Whether you’re strolling through the romantic streets of Paris, hiking in the Swiss Alps, or partying in the vibrant nightlife of Barcelona, Contiki Tours in Europe provide the perfect platform to discover the magic of the continent and create memories that will endure a lifetime. Don’t wait – your European adventure is calling!

Our Top Contiki Europe Tours

European Trail – Start Amsterdam

This epic 23 day trail through Europe balances all the sightseeing icons with unexpected marvels and underrated destinations. From walking the cobbled streets of Michelangelo’s Florence, to being blown away by the fairy-tale beauty of Slovenia’s Lake Bled, and bunking down amid snow-capped mountains in the Swiss Alps.


From $6,782 Per Person



23 Sep 2023 – 15 Oct 2023

European Inspiration – Start London

A few weeks up your sleeve to really discover the west of Europe – no running around maniac style? Coasting around the best spots on the European Inspiration holiday is your answer. With 2 nights in each major location – think Paris, Prague, Florence, Berlin – you’ll settle into the groove of Europe & know which places deserve a round two.


From $4,748 Per Person



07 Apr 2024 – 25 Apr 2024
28 Apr 2024 – 16 May 2024
19 May 2024 – 06 Jun 2024

European Dream – Start London

You’ve dreamt of this moment. You’ve fantasised about the lamp-lit bridges of Paris, the sun-kissed shorelines of Croatia and the eclectic street art of Berlin. This is the trip to make your dreams a reality, hitting up Europe’s major cities without scrimping on its spectacular scenery. Over 19 glorious nights, you’ll unearth the very best of Europe on this life-changing journey.


From $6,956 Per Person



19 May 2024 – 07 Jun 2024
09 Jun 2024 – 28 Jun 2024
23 Jun 2024 – 12 Jul 2024

Start Athens to Santorini Plus

Hit up magical Mykonos, perky Paros and saucy Santorini in this sun-soaked 8-day Greek island extravaganza. Marvel at the natural and human-made architecture, from coves to cobblestones. Feast on feta and perfect your moves as you experience the legendary local nightlife and you’ll have plenty of time to explore Greece’s most famous islands.


From $2,332 Per Person



26 Apr 2024 – 03 May 2024
28 Apr 2024 – 05 May 2024
30 Apr 2024 – 07 May 2024

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