TRAVEL INSURANCE: A Must-Have for Travelers.

Every time you book a flight or a trip, whether it be local or international, you will always see a travel insurance add-on. At first, you will ask yourself, “Do I really need travel insurance?” Most travelers will ignore the fact that travel insurance is an essential, thinking that most cases their travels would go smoothly and without a hitch.

What does travel insurance cover anyway? It can seem like just another added expense. But in unforeseen cases, you wouldn’t want super charged medical expenses and ballooning emergency bills ruin your trip. It is very important to know the coverage of what you are getting.

Here are some of the benefits of travel insurance, whether you are traveling nearby or in a remote location:


There are a lot of incidents that can cause you to call off your best-planned trip. It may be because of inclement weather, severe illness, or a sudden family emergency which you can’t just abandon in thin air. If for some reason you need to cancel or reschedule your trip, most certainly, airlines and booked accommodations would charge you a massive amount of cancellation fees before you can even take off. This is where travel insurance comes in handy. Your insurance will enable you to re-book your flights without a hassle and recover cancellation fees.


You might be travelling to Vietnam and suddenly in the middle of it all; you find your luggage in transit to London. Wait, what? Yes. It can happen, especially during Christmas holidays when airports are extra busy. Your travel insurance can reimburse you with the amount of what you have lost or in some cases; they will sort out how you can get your luggage back in the quickest possible way.


The worst-case scenario whilst travelling would be having to deal with serious illnesses or injuries. Imagine being taking ill or having an accident requiring hospitalization somewhere in the dessert or in a remote area where most people cannot speak or understand English. You may think, hospital bills in these areas are fairly cheap. However, what if you need to be transported by an ambulance or you require an emergency evacuation. Of course, your local medical insurance will not cover you if you are overseas. This is something that travel insurance covers. Some coverage will assist you with medical transportation to the nearest and most suitable medical facility. You will also be covered with your emergency medical expenses while you are in transit and away from home.


Travel Insurance will not only assist you with your emergency medical needs should an accident occur whilst travelling, but will also compensate you for damages you may have incurred. They will pay you back with the value of what you have lost, or sometimes even more. For delayed flights, some policies would provide you with your necessities like food, accommodation, or even pay out when the delays are too extensive to endure.

There could be a lot more that travel insurance can cover. It depends on your insurance coverage and policies, so it is very important to read the fine prints. Some may have lost passport coverage, “Acts-of-God” coverage in the event of catastrophes like earthquakes and typhoons in your destination and some can cover your entire holiday when your hotels or airlines go bankrupt during your planned and booked vacation.

So the next time you plan your travels don’t think that travel insurance is just another add-on. Don’t put yourself into the stress of paying for extras and putting your travel savings into the drain just because you don’t want to pay for travel insurance. In the event of mishaps during your trip, it’s the only thing you can rely on.

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